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To pursue pioneering research and development in Islam with reference to Baba Fareed ud Din Masood Ganj Shakar (رحمۃ اللہ علیہ) that can significantly improve and equitably sustain the quality of knowledge and practice.

To position BFIRC and BFET to take a pioneering role in R&D as Pakistan is transitioning from a 'third world country' to 'develop country'.



The mission is to create a Centre of excellence in Islamic research with special reference to Baba Fareed ud Din Masood Ganj Shakarؒ for achieving world class, cutting edge, innovation oriented in the most crucial and fruitful topics in Islam and spirituality under the auspices of Baba Fareedؒ Educational & Welfare Trust.

·       To carry out research and development in key emerging areas that lead to impact-making for future generation;

·       To translate latest and oldest work on Islam and Baba Fareed ud Dinؒ that can bridge the generations to significantly improve the quality of life and practice equally empower large sections of people in Pakistan and the world at large;

·       To create vibrant and creative Islamic scientific environment through bright dedicated people, quality infrastructure and enriching collaboration;

To share resources and work closely as an extended arm of BFIRC Pakpattan in the creation of rich literature, dissemination of knowledge and development on Islam for next-generation talent.